Gone Before He Left EP

by The Spinshots

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We released this vinyl EP october 4, 2014. Gone Before He Left will also be on our next album, presumed to be called '7 Bullets, One Gun'. The songs at the B site are 'Comic Sexy' which is a track recorded for a clip for Comic Sexy - the fashionbrand of our guitarist, and 'Sell Your Soul', sung by guest singer Boyd Small. This track was part of the soundtrack for a short animation movie called 'Deep Shit'.


released September 20, 2014

the cover is drawn by our drummer Emanuel Wiemans and the design was done by our guitarist Martin Draax



all rights reserved


The Spinshots Amsterdam, Netherlands


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Track Name: Gone Before He Left
He is the shadow of a nightmare
cast upon your day
He's up in smoke before you catch fire
Leaving ash clouds, gone away

He's a reflection of illusions
by in vogue incrowds
And just when he seems to appear soon
He is long gone, leaving clouds

He surfs on the clutter of the scene
a trail of girls, but he remains unseen

He seems to come into existence
emerging from the cleft
of our mutual experience
But he's gone before he left

His steps are softer than the whispers
He's obscured by
He cuts himself from his own background
a blind spot in your eye

He leaves any shattered crowd upset
wrecks a scene and is gone, before he left

Doesn't know of failure and mistakes
Isn't where you heartbrokenly gaze
into nothingness
Left you disgraced

He moves in fields beyond cognition
He leaves your life wrecked
As he is only the ignition
It was you who lit the match

Regret, as you know, is valueless
he's gone, and he was, long before he left

Long gone, as he was, before he left
Track Name: Comic Sexy
I'm gonna look really good
in my Comic Sexy dress today-hey
And if I had any trouble, then I'm sure
they'd be washed away
Cause I know that I look splendid
In colours of my fancy
I'm gonna look really good
in My Comic Sexy Dress today

I'm gonna look really smart
in my Comic Sexy dress tonight
I'm gonna dance until dawn
feeling pretty and outa sight
Meet the guy that I have fancied
He's mine, he's looking dandy
I'm gonna dress really smart
in my Comic Sexy dress tonight

My clothes were grey and gloomy
So was the world outside
I threw them all away
and bought a dress that's just right
I'm gonna look pretty bright
in my Comic Sexy dress tonight

I got my degree
my own salary
I'm a pretty lass
in a Comic Sexy dress

I think it's clear to see
I just got to be me
and I'm a pretty lass
in a Comic Sexy dress

I'm gonna look like I want to
in my Comic Sexy dress, oh yeah
I'm gonna do what I want
in my Comic Sexy dress, baby
All day, and all of the night
Under the sun and in the moonlight
I'm gonna look like I want to
in my Comic Sexy dress, oh yeah.
Track Name: (Shut your trap and) Sell Your Soul
In your dreams, you have made it way up there
But in real life all your efforts brought you nowhere

Don’t want to give up, don’t want to give in...

Well I can help you, and I’ll do it for just a song
Free yourself from your misery, be on top in a split second

What shining star needs a soul in life and far beyond?
Live now! And pay later! Facing the music will be fun

And if your stardom starts to itch
I’ll help you back into the ditch

Imagine how a star behaves
You’ll get the fame an artist craves
Effortlessly making waves

I... can make.. you...

He will help you for a song
Get the glory before long
Having sold your soul’s not wrong
When you’re famous for a song