Never So Right

by The Spinshots

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This is the first longplay album the Spinshots recorded. We started in 2010, and have been working very hard to capture the layers in the songs, keeping an ear on unity as well as variety.


released October 24, 2011

credits 'Never So Right' album
Fetish for Veils
Shake off the Past
Loving you Eversince
Trouble Baby
The Sweetest Fantasy
Never So Right

Qui est 'in'/'out'
If I would Fall
Love Hangover
Desirs Mutuels
Pride Before Fall
Always Second Best
Hindu Superlaska

All songs written by Martin Draax except Qui est 'in', qui est 'out' - written by Serge Gainsbourg and If I would Fall - written by Andreas Tscholl & Hans van Grasstek�.
All arrangements by Martin Draax except 'If I would Fall' - Horn Arrangements by Siebe Posthuma de Boer, 'Love Hangover', 'Trouble Baby' - Horn arrangements by Axel Schappert, 'Pride Before Fall' & 'Never So Right' - Horn arrangements by Ruud 'Trompie' Kleiss, rhythmsection-arrangement by Emanuel Wiemans.
All lyrics by Martin Draax except 'Pride Before Fall' - Floor van Dijck and 'If I Would Fall' - Andreas Tscholl.
Lyrics of Désirs Mutuèls translated to French by Natasha Cloutier
Lyrics of 'Amándote desde entonces' (Loving you Eversince) translated to Spanish by Neus Roca

All songs recored by Peter Akkerman in studio Yland except 'Dèsirs Mutuéls' - recorded in Martin Draax' homestudio and 'Qui est 'in', qui est 'out', recorded by Rob Berends at 'The Globe'
Mixed by Edwin Slothouber and Peter Akkerman
Produced by edwin Slothouber, Peter Akkerman, Martin Draax and the Spinshots
Mastered by Teejay.

the Spinshots are:
Flora Dolores: lead vox
Emanuel Wiemans: drums & percussion
Andreas Tscholl: bass & backings
Martin Draax: guitars & backings
Axel Schappert: trombones & tuba
Ruud 'Trompie' Kleiss: trumpet
Simon Kelaita: tenor saxophone (except where noted different)

Mikkel van der Meulen: bariton sax on Qui est 'in', qui est 'out', altsax on 'Désirs Mutuels'
Steven Coljé: tenorsax Hindu Superlaska, Love Hangover, Trouble Baby, Pride Before Fall, Sweetest Fantasy and Shake off the Past
Jullien Kummer: all keyboards except on 'Qui est 'in', qui est 'out'.
Edwin Slothouber: iron on Hindu Superlaska and Désirs Mutuèls
Van Dijck Sisters (Cato & Sofie): backing vox on Hindu Superlaska, Trouble Baby and Pride Before Fall
Wenko Millaard: hammond on Qui est 'in', qui est 'out'.
Peter Akkerman: spacemoog on 'Sweetest Fantasy'

release date: may 2011

Thanx: Rudy Meijerink

Hoesphotografy: Fotofloor (Floor and Mike)
Visagie: Maaike Beijer
Styling: Iris Satijn
Graphic design & concept: Martin Draax
Liner notes: Wilf Plum
artwork DTP: Emanuel Wiemans



all rights reserved


The Spinshots Amsterdam, Netherlands


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Track Name: Shake Off The Past
Let’s drink to all our lonely best friends
Thank a few for their hearty advice
Friends who find themselves namelessely lost ‘tween painful brainlobes
Their hosts unlikely to contextualize

Here’s to all the shady ladies inside
Sweet sultry coquettes without a name
Hot flavoured dames responding to besotted primal instincts
Their fate to end up one and all the same

So let’s shake, shake, shake,
Let’s shake off the past
Today’s as good as any to forget and start again
Life is ahead, never behind
Shake off the past

Sure I did some things not to be proud of
There must have been times that I should regret
But hey, let’s face it life’s ahead, more issues to be left unsaid
I’m shaking off whatever makes me sad


Nothingness that’s what all things are made of
I never get a grip on what I see
Life is just observing changes, nothing ever stays the same
So let’s shaaaake
Let’s shaaake
Let’s shake of the past and we’ll be freeeeeee!
Track Name: Amándote desde entonces
Amándote desde entoncès

Yo recuerdo un tiempo atrás
cuando tú no eras mía
sólo susurraba tu nombre sagrado

Ardiendo mi corazón
yo te creí un demonio
al crecer tu amor
todo se vió nublado

Y desde entonces yo te he amado
tú te fijaste en mi
y siempre te sigo amando
tú me abriste los ojos

Sin ser sobrenatural
ni tan solo demonio
tú fuiste el hombre amado para siempre

Tu nombre aprendí a decir
aunque a veces susurro
con mi corazón ardiendo en tu mirada


Y desde entonces yo te he amado
tú te fijaste en mi
y siempre te sigo amando
tú me hiciste
amarte para siempre
nos hemos deseado
y siempre te sigo amando
y siempre te sigo amando
y siempre te sigo amando

para siempre unidos
tú y yo somos uno
Track Name: Trouble Baby
ou’re in trouble baby
Since you said you didn’t need me
Trouble baby
That means that have been too greedy

You’re in trouble baby
I’m gonna have to let you go
Trouble baby
So what have those big words from your big mouth done so far for you, ballsy baby?

You’re in trouble baby
Cause she ain’t got love like I do
Trouble baby
Means you ain’t got nobody to come home to
Trouble baby
You thought that switching girls would be like changing clothes but now you’re cold and lonely

You started to appreciate the dirt you thought I gave you
But we both knew ‘twas much too late for us to continue

You’re in trouble baby
Since you said you didn’t need me
Trouble baby
That means that have been too greedy

You’re in trouble baby
Trouble baby
You are trouble

You thought it would be easy when she teased you
But she couldn’t please you started to appreciate
The dirt you thought I gave you much too late
And now you’re on your own all by yourself you’re all alone
In trouble
Track Name: Sweetest Fantasy
Sweetest Fantasy

I want to hold you
I want to be with you
Oh –oh
Now I want you for real ‘cause the essence I feel just won’t do

I want to touch you
I want to feel you
A mirage has been fine just for biding my time but it’s true
I want to touch you baby
I want to feel you baby
I want to make love to you

Males: Baby babe let me be
Female: You’re the sweetest fantasy
Males: Into your arms baby
Female: into my arms baby
Males: into your arms I should be
Female: into my arms you should be
Males: I had to wait so long
Female: so ring my bell ding dong
Males: any minute we will meet
Female: Get out of my dreams, into my arms baby

I want to kiss you
I want to make love to you
I been wishing so deeply it hurts me if you don’t come, dear

I want you to touch me
Want you to make love to me
I’ve been dreaming about you so often you got to appear
Always together baby
Let’s come together baby
I ’ll be yours eternally.

Track Name: Never So Right
Never so Right

I’d Like to know: do you really have to go
You used to hold me tight, it felt so real, it felt so right
All I said was true my dear, my love for you was so sincere
You filled me up with sweet delight, but now it seems your love has died

You knew what was right when you held me tight
Your love was outa sight, it never felt so right

You said you didn’t want
no one else but me
I was blind, it’s clear to see
You found somebody else but me

I thought we’de be together day and night
In good and bad times, holding tight
Butcircumstances do not make the guy
They just reveal him when he waves goodbye


chorusHow can it be – you don’t want to be with me
Doo-lang – Shang-doo-lang
Track Name: Love Hangover
Love Hangover – Hair of the Dog
Love Hangover – Hair of the Dog

Ever since love bit me baby
I can’t do without
I need a shot of luscious poison
Dripping from its lustful mouth

It’s full of excitement
It’s new everytime
And unlike any other drug
It doesn’t need to be mine

I can give just what you’ve given
But maybe not back to you
See, love is like life itself
You don’t know what it’s heading to

We can share our excitement
Cause it’s new every time
But love will go where ever it wants
It’s not yours to keep or mine

Love Hangover – Hair of the Dog
Love Hangover – Hair of the Dog
Love Hangover – Hair of the Dog
Love Hangover – Hair of the Dog
Track Name: Désirs Mutuèls
J’suis la meilleure amie de tes rêves fous
J’imagine les voir tous se réaliser
Toutes les vagues et les nuages : je veux tout savoir sur toi
Dis-moi chéri, à ton réveil, me reconnaîtras-tu ?

Je veux le trésor qui se cache dans ton cœur
Je t’imagine le partager avec moi
Toutes les étoiles et la lune
sont faites pour toi, tu verras bien, le temps venu, mon chéri, donne-moi ta main

Toutes les étoiles et la lune
sont faites pour toi, tu verras bien, le temps venu, mon chéri, donne-moi ta main

Le ciel au-dessus de nous
n’est qu’un niveau de notre amour
quand se réalisent nos rêves les plus fous
Track Name: Pride Before Fall
You’re not good
You don’t do what you should
You’re not good
You don’t do what you should
Stop messing around
You better start changing your attitude

You’re not good
You don’t do what you should
You’re not good
You should have known where you stood
Stop playing so cool
I don’t deserve to be treated so rude

Do you remember how you used to long for me
You sang me serenades and wrote sweet poetry
You should remember when I finally answered your call
Oh baby you’d better know you had it all

You’re so cruel
You don’t what you should
You’re so cruel
You should have known where you stood
Stop messing around
You’d better start changing your attitude

Don’t you remember I took you out all night
Fulfilled your dreams and made your dark life bright
But I discovered that day (that) I was out of sight
Oh baby
You weren’t treating me right


Baby, stop acting so cool
Baby, all the ladies call you
Baby-hie, you give them the eye
But without me you would still be a fool

You should remember how you were so all alone
No-one to love, no-one to call your own
You should remember that pride comes before the fall
Oh baby – This is my last call
Oh baby, don’t you want to have it all
Track Name: Always Second Best
I tried so hard to be with you… But no matter how tried
You just have eyes for hat woman, I know that she looks right
What about me?
Why don’t you see me?
You just have eyes for her. I know she’s always better.
I guess I’ll end up always second best

I know that I ain’t the one for you, It fills my heart with grieve
But she ain’t right for her either and this you can believe
She doesn’t see
you like you don’t see me
And I know you get, when you’re always second best
And your romance is never gonna last

Oh how I tried to feel better inside
I told myself it’s good you’re just a friend
Oooh but I can’t stand
You keep running to her
And I have to end up always second best

Instrumental bridge

Cause darling I‘ve got so much love to give
And that is what you need
If I could just give you all I have
I would do so indeed
Just let us be
As one, you see, please
I still would be your friend
You wouldn’t need another

We’d both be number one you see
We’d never have to ever be second best.